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Jacene did an in-home party for us and every person in the room was in awe!  We were both entertained by her, and amazed by her at the same time!  She puts on a wonderful show, full of mind blowing acts. We all loved it and will be talking about this show for a very long time.  I would hire Jacene again in a heartbeat if I had the opportunity to do so. She is a true professional.  Her communication during the booking process was excellent, she was prompt and delivered exactly as she said she would – which was a terrific show!

Jolene Horejda – 2017

What can I say but the performances were AMAZING. Each and every guest felt included in the cocktail walk around and the show. The majority of us were mind boggled and still wondering how any of the “tricks” were done. Thank you so much Chester and Jacene. You were the absolute high light of the evening!!

J. Maki – 2017 Wedding Banquet

Jacene was all we had hoped for and more. She made it so easy to relate. The mind can’t comprehend what Jacene is capable of. The audience interaction she formed was second to none. Our evening was filled with laughter and disbelief as she went through the different routines. Amazing! I would book Jacene again in a heartbeat.

Ray Briggs – Blue Hills Processors – 2016

Blue hills processors

We have entertainment for our yearly annual meeting weekend and this year’s performance was one of the best if not the best ever. The entire business of booking to follow up to the date of performance were excellent. I am usually conservative with my appraisals but we as a group loved the performance.

Bill Ziebart
Executive Director Saskatchewan Association of Automobile Repairers
March 2016

saskatchewan association of automobile repairs
Motor Safety Association

I have seen David Copperfield perform in Las Vegas and found Chester and Jacene’s show to be more entertaining and funnier. I cannot remember laughing so hard or being that entertained in years. Looking forward to future shows!

Ryan Bast – Motor Safety Association
December 2015

Enjoyed the show. I have been to many shows around the world but this was one of the best I’ve seen!

Haris Aftab – Saskatoon Inn
December 2015

Saskatoon Inn and Conference Center

3S Health Shared Services Saskatchewan

I was very impressed with your professionalism and interaction with the crowd. I would recommend you to any organization and would certainly like to have you back anytime!


Magic is not tricks. Tricks in themselves are not more than puzzles. A trick becomes a mystery, a thing of enjoyment to the beholder, only in proportion to the degree of dramatic interest with which it is endowed by its exhibitor.

Abe Issa -Sky Tech 

Chester and Jacene were amazing! They were incredibly flexible when the program ran late! Their show was engaging, professional and left all of us wondering ‘how they did that’! Folks are still talking about their favourite parts of the performance.

Noreen Volk – Great Plains College December 2015

great plains college
The Casey Foundation

Thank you so much Jacene and Chester for such an amazing and FUNTASTIC performance at our “A Magical Evening for Autism Support”   to benefit The Casey Foundation for Autism Support Inc.  You two brought the house down!

Kevin Jacobson – Board Member at The Casey Foundation – 2015

I was looking for “entertainment” for our staff Christmas party and Google brought me to Chester and Jacene. Communication with Chester was great and he was very quick to respond to all my questions and inquiries. The night of the show Chester and Jacene did table side magic for the guests – the guests were all amazed. The show itself was amazing. Jacene was amazing and people were blown away by her talent. Chester put on a great show as well and he made everyone laugh. They both were very interactive with the crowd which was great… Monday morning everyone was talking about the show and how great it was…I will definitely tell others about this and will possibly book them again in the future.”

Lindsay Goertzen – CWS Logistics
December 2015

CWS Logistics Ltd.

Chester was the definition of magical. His performance for our staff Christmas Party was suited for the age groups present. From laughter to awe, he kept our guests attentive and wowed. I would definitely recommend Chester & Jacene for any function, their ability to connect with any type of person is exactly what entertainment is about. Great show for a good cost. Even though they are able to come up with a new performance, this is one you won’t mind seeing twice!

Sarah Edgelow – Saskatoon Inn and Conference Centre
December 2015

Saskatoon Inn and Conference Centre
Concordia Lutheran

I would definitely recommend Chester and Jacene to others. They provided a very entertaining show at a reasonable price. They were friendly and professional, and very good at what they do! Our audience was 19 & over, and a church fundraiser. The show was well suited to such a crowd. One gentleman told me he couldn’t remember the last time he had so enjoyed an evening  out !

Karen Andreas
Moe Concordia Lutheran-Margo, SK

Great Show!!! Wonderful show with lots of mystery, amazement, fun, and laughs. Jacene and Chester are truly entertainers for the whole family. The Lions Club gives them two thumbs up. Be sure to understand, these are not amateur performers, but rather professional entertainers.
It is Las Vegas Casino level entertainment.  A don’t miss!!

Andrew Kidd
Fillmore & District Lions

Saskatchewan Lions

Our Lions club was hosting a fundraiser to purchase an AED for the ambulance( cost of around $27,000 ) we decided to have a turkey supper and some entertainment. I suggested Chester, the Entertainer, whom I had seen several times before. We were fortunate to be able to book him for the selected date and we’re delighted to learn his daughter Jacene was included in the program. We had a crowd of about 200 which included some children under 10 and quite a few students. We also ran a bar and we were pleased to be told by Chester that we didn’t have to shut it down during the entertainment. The show was a huge success raising over $10,000 towards our goal. Chester and Jacene played to every age group and everyone listened and loved the show. It was the talk of coffee row the next morning and everyone agreed the show had been a hit ! I have seen Chester about 5 times and he always has something new up his sleeve (sometimes literally). He brings all his own sound equipment and props so there is nothing to do but sit back and enjoy the show! I would highly recommend this talented and versatile duo for an time of delightful entertainment that is pure magic!

Marna Allan
Fillmore Lion’s Club

Saskatchewan Lions



Jacene Mind Mystique will get in your mind and blow it away keeping you in suspense and awe.  If you are looking for a different kind of entertainment for any size event I highly recommend Jacene Mind Mystique..

Todd Rennebohm – Owner of Mood, 2015

Fascinating and entertaining! Real fun!

Kevin Boyko – Audience Member 2016

Awesome and unreal! So Good!

Albert Severight – Cote First Nation 2016

Cote First Nation

It’s kinda freaky, still I’m a little freaky about it because I don’t know how that is all possible yet. But, I thought it was awesome! I’ve already recommended the show to others.

Shaun Popov – Event Organizer
St. Peter’s Wildlife Federation – 2015

Saskatchewan Wildlife Federation
Whitecap Resources Inc

The crowd really enjoyed the performance and the fact that many
of the people in the crowd were asked to participate made it even better.
Lots of laughs and amazement with numerous days of discussion of how it was

-Whitecap Resources – 2016

Chester and Jacene WERE AMAZING! They tailored their performances to the Victorian thee of our art costumers gala and were so great to work with! Very professional, very friendly, and VERY good at their magic! We would hire them in a heartbeat for another event. Our guests were so impressed with their cocktail magic and their show during dinner that they said it was the best part of our event! Thank you so much for being so flexible and great to work with! They were the easiest part of our event to arrange and the most fun. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Brittney Althouse – The Lotos Eaters Gala -2016

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