a performance for any event


Astounding mind reading and fascinating displays of the power of the mind await you in Jacene’s Mind Mystique. Fiery, feisty and fun, Jacene’s stage show is guaranteed to please.  Whether you have a group of 40 or 4000, Jacene will boggle your mind and keep you on the edge of your seat as she demonstrates her mastery in mind reading and psychology.  Suitable for a corporate evening, awards ceremony or fundraising event, Jacene’s quick wit combined with her ability to pluck thoughts directly from a spectators mind leaves audiences wondering, “Did she read my thought or plant a thought within my mind?”   Jacene, one of Canada’s only female mind readers will give you a performance to be remembered.


Fun in Taber
Are you having a work gathering or possibly an adult birthday celebration? Are you planning on having a houseful of people and no idea how to keep them entertained?  Leave that to Jacene, an excellent addition to any small gathering.  Mind reading up close, in your face and in your own home, she will make your event one that will leave your guests absolutely baffled. When you let Jacene take you and your guests on an amazing journey through the mind you will have thrown the best party in town!


Jacene can offer a variety of entertainment options to ensure that brides and grooms
have peace of mind in knowing that their guests will blown away by jaw dropping
Being one of Canada’s ONLY female Mind Readers Jacene offers a very unique
option for wedding entertainment. Whether you simply want a “mix and
mingle” to keep guests mesmerized during cocktail hour or if you prefer to
go all out with a full stage production, she is there to help you make sure
your big day is one that will be unforgettable!
‘Mix and Mingle’ mind reading is a wonderful way to keep the energy high during a cocktail hour or downtime during a business conference.  Be sure to ask Jacene about strolling palm reading and hand writing analysis too!


Mix and Mingle Jacene in Taber
Up close and personal – mind reading at its best!  Jacene’s mix and mingle,
“strolling” mind reading is a wonderful way to keep the energy high during a
cocktail hour or downtime during a business conference.  Be sure to ask
Jacene about strolling, tarot, palm reading and hand writing analysis too!



on stage
Are you looking for unique entertainment for your fundraising event?  Jacene offers a variety of packages to keep your guests amazed and in awe!  Whether you are looking for a stage show, a little mixing and mingling to keep the spirits up, or a palm reading booth, Jacene  can work with you to make your fundraiser successfull!   If you are looking to make your event truly original, ask about an exclusive “two performer” stage show!


Psychic style entertainment with Jacene.   Jacene offers your guests to have their palms read, handwriting analyzed even Tarot card readings! This is a perfect add on to a “stage” show fundraiser, helping to bring in that extra cash for your cause!


The readings are intended for entertainment purposes only.