a lifelong history

connected with entertaining

Entertaining since the age of 8 with her magician father, performing is definitely in Jacene’s blood!

As a child, there was nothing more thrilling for her than to climb up on that stage alongside her dad. Whether it was the simple task of passing a silk or jumping into a box to be “chopped in half” Jacene has always been at home up there on that stage!

Proud mother by day, Mentalist by night, Jacene has followed in her father’s footsteps.  Along the way her path took a slight turn from magic as she explored the fascinating powers we all have within us. Some call it the 6th sense; she calls it her enhanced “womens intuition”.  Jacene was able to hone in on these skills and become one of Canada’s best and
ONLY FEMALE Mind Readers. 

Jacene has had the pleasure of attending several “Mind” conventions througout the United States.  She has also been very privileged to be mentored by some of the World’s BEST working Mentalists and is a proud member of the Psychic Entertainers Association.

Jacene’s two children also have “magic” in their blood!  Herself, along with Chester, her father,  and the kids have had a truly unique family experience by performing a 3 generation show; memories that will last a lifetime for this family!

You may see Jacene and think “I know her, where have I seen her before?”  This is likely because in 2016 she appeared on
where she was awarded FIRST PLACE for her video “Befuddled Baboon”, one of the highest viewed videos, going double viral with over 50 million views!